Ukulele Basics – 4 Things That You Need To Know

Before you start playing the uke, it’s a very good idea to start understanding the ukulele basics. It can be a very enticing, fun experience and one that will pay off incredibly well. With that in mind, here you have a list of ideas to help you learn how to play the ukulele fast and easy.

How to hold?

If you want to hold the uke, you need to press it gently on your chest and you have to put the index finger of your right hand right where the neck of this uke meets your body. You should avoid strumming near the hole, don’t do that. The uke needs to be placed high on your body, if possible you should try to hold it in the crook of your elbow if you can.

How to tune the ukulele?

This is one of the major ukulele basics that you have to keep in mind. Turn the tuning pegs to change the string pitch. Then make sure you use another instrument as a reference, an online tuner can come in handy. Play the G on your tuner and then adjust the lowest string. Then, tune the highest string to match the second fret on your G string. You will then have to tune the second highest string right until the third fret on that string will match the G string. Lastly, you will have to tune the C string to match the second highest string.

How to strum?

Strumming is not as hard as you might think. You just need to take the pointer finger, point it towards you. Relax it and do not lock it up. Point it to the ground and then point it towards you. This is the basic strumming motion. Once you have this move in place, make sure that you put it on the strings.


Obviously, practice makes perfect and you have to focus on quality and efficiency the best way you can. It will not be easy to get good results, but you should always try to practice the ukulele basics. It will not be easy to do that on your own, but the return on investment can be huge.

So, try to follow all these ideas if you want to make sure that you learn the ukulele basics. It’s a delightful, fun experience that can pay off quite a lot. Just try and give it a shot, you will certainly be very impressed with the results.


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