How Much Are Ukuleles – What Is The Price For Quality?

Ukulele’s popularity has been on the rise for the past few years now. This is no surprise since the music it produces is both beautiful and unique. In addition to that, having great designs is a great factor too. Ukes are like pocket guitars because of their portability and size. However, people get the common misconception that ukes are just literally small guitars and not another kind of stringed instrument.

Ukes are made and played differently from guitars.  They have different chords and less number of strings.  Their sound is also distinct from guitar sounds.  They appeal to a different group of people who a different taste in music.  Now that ukes are a very popular trend, it would be interesting to find out how much are ukes and if they are worth the investment.

Price Factors:

To answer that question, you must consider a few things. First of all, you need to consider the brand of ukulele you want. The brand is one of the biggest factors that affect the price of the ukuleles. A well-known brand will be a lot more expensive than the lesser-known brands. The good thing about the ukuleles that come from bigger brands is that the quality is always assured.  However, if you know how to look for great quality ukuleles, then you might be surprised with the number of choices you can get at the $80 -$120 price range.

The next price factor that affects the pricing of ukuleles is the materials used to build it. Some people may say that the materials used to build a ukulele hold little to no effect when it comes to sound quality. The truth is that they have something to do with the dynamics of sound quality. The body, for instance, benefits from good quality wood. A great wood body gives great reverb and sound quality on top of design and durability. On the other hand, high quality strings are a no-brainer. The best sounding ukuleles are the ones with best strings. Some people even choose to custom build their own ukulele by buying the raw materials and making it themselves.

Another factor is how well you play. If you are a beginner, then you can find ukuleles even at the $70 – $100 price range. However if you are an intermediate to advanced level player, you can do better with $150 – $200 ukuleles since they offer better sound and build quality. Custom made ukuleles are the best choice since you can make your ukulele perfect for your every need. There is no estimating the price for custom ukuleles though since raw materials differ in price.

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Being Realistic in Your Budget:

How much are ukuleles is a less important question than how much you are willing to pay for your ukulele.  You can have a small budget and still get a good enough ukulele to play with.  Unless you plan on playing your uke as a profession, you can always buy one that you can afford and then save up for something that’s priced a bit higher.



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