3 Most Famous Hawaiian Ukulele Players Of All Time

The ukulele is one of the most interesting and surprising instruments in the Hawaiian culture! Not only does it offer a great musical appeal but it’s also a great looking instrument from a design standpoint as well. That’s why many people have gotten to enjoy the genre and that’s why many performers opted for this instrument. With that in mind, here you have a list that includes the best Hawaiian ukulele players of all time!

Jake Shimabukuro:

Jake Shimabukuro is a great ukulele composer and performer. What makes him one of the best players however is the fact that he has some very fast and quite complex finger work. This has allowed him to reach incredible tonalities and get some amazing sound work done without problems.

Also, Jake Shimabukuro does cover a wide range of elements with his ukulele skill. That includes folk, flamenco as well as classical, rock, funk and jazz and blues. He wrote multiple original compositions up until this point and some of his work was included in soundtracks of various Japanese movies. He is not only a local but also an international performer with a huge focus on quality and a unique sound. If you want to learn how to play a ukulele, then he should be one of the players that you should aspire to be like!

George Harrison:

Many know George Harrison for his contribution in The Beatles but the reality is that he did add in more to the musical scene than being a lead guitar. He is also a widely known, renowned ukulele player that did integrate his craft into rock songs. He also wrote and performed folk and even a few jazz songs. What made him a great ukulele player is the unique tonality that was brought via his songs and the pitch that few others could reiterate!

Jack Johnson:

Jack Johnson was many things, a surfer, a record producer, singer and at the same time a great ukulele player. You will definitely enjoy the way he mixes the ukulele sound with soft rock, acoustic rock and folk rock and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Just try it and you can rest assured that you will love the entire experience. His songs are deeply emotion from both a vocal and sound standpoint, so he does deliver plenty of value and depth with his each ukulele piece.

These Hawaiian ukulele players are an amazing example of how this craft has managed to reach many corners of our planet. They managed to take something simple and local, then transformed it into maybe the best and most interesting type of music out there. If you love music, you should definitely check out the songs created by these artists. You will surely appreciate the unique sound and scope of their music! Just try it out and you are bound to love their unique musical creations!




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