The History Of The Ukulele And Uke Music – How Did It Start

Ukuleles can be considered as one of the most popular musical instruments that you can find out there in the world. These musical instruments are extremely popular among both children as well as adults who live in every corner of the world. If you own a one, you might be interested in getting to know about the history of the uke music and how it came to the world.

How did ukuleles come to this world?:

The ukuleles were introduced to the world by people who lived in Hawaii. It was initially introduced back in 1879, but didn’t become a popular instrument for a several decades. It was in 1915 where people discovered the true capabilities of uke. After that, the craze of the uke started, which contributed a lot towards the popularity of the instrument. Now it has become a popular instrument in all parts of the world. In fact, it has now become the most popular musical instrument among people who live in Hawaii.

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Interesting facts about the history:

Ukulele got its name from a traditional Hawaiian name. However, ukulele was not the first name of this music instrument. It was originally called as the machete or machete de barga. That’s because a similar instrument was created by the people who lived in Madeira Islands of Portugal. However, the instrument created by Hawaiian people quickly became popular than that and the people in Portugal also started using the name ukulele to call it.

A large number of mainland guitar manufacturers started producing ukuleles in 1915.  At that time, people in all parts of the world were aware about the ukuleles in Hawaiian. In order to take advantage out of it, the uke manufacturers included the label “Made in Hawaii” in the ukuleles that they manufacture. The people in Hawaii got really upset about it.

The uke became a part of the Hawaiian culture as well. One of the rulers in Hawaii, King David Kalakaua was fond of this small musical instrument, which had the ability to give out amazing sounds. He was also interested in developing Hawaiian culture in the meantime and he thought of making this instrument more popular among people of the country. This can be considered as a significant milestone in the history of uke music. In fact, the ukuleles were played at royal functions of Hawaii at that time as well.

Uke was not an inexpensive musical instrument at that time. However, along with the increasing popularity of the musical instrument, manufacturers thought of making inexpensive models back in 1920. This helped a lot for the growth of ukulele music in all parts of the world. It became one of the musical icons of the Jazz age as well and the steps taken to create inexpensive ukes contributed a lot towards there above mentioned fact. The popularity of uke is increasing day by day and it reflects the history of the ukulele music.