Which Ukulele To Buy – What Are The Types

Venturing into a store full of ukuleles is one of the most exciting things a newbie or an aspiring musician will experience. However, picking your first instrument can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar about their types and purpose. This article will discuss the difference between each type so you can choose which ukulele to buy.

Ukuleles in Various Shapes and Sizes:

There are basically four types of classic ukes based on sizes: the soprano, the concerto, the tenor and the bass. An electric uke is a specialty version. If you want to know which ukulele to buy, read on:


The Soprano Ukulele is the smallest of the bunch with an overall length of 21 inches. It is the most common version available in the market and often the cheapest.  Hence, it is also referred to as the standard size. The soprano has a high pitch which makes it ideal for cheerful music.

Beginner compatible

Too small for most adults
Limited music variation
Difficult to manipulate


Also referred to as Alto, this instrument is only about three inches bigger than the soprano. It has a fuller sound compared to the soprano which makes it a good soloist instrument. The Concert has about 20 frets that give it more range in notes. It is suitable for people who prefer the original Ukulele sound but needs an average-sized instrument.

More fret board space
Dense sound
Basic size for adults

Pricier than soprano
Small functional difference with soprano


The Tenor Ukulele is perfect for low octave enthusiasts who like finger play. The bigger sound it produces is great for large-crowd performances. Despite the lower key, it still bears the distinct frill of the Ukulele variety.

Spacious board than the smaller versions
Great for shows
Good for Fingerpicking

Less upbeat than smaller ones


The Baritone ukulele is the largest of the family. This thirty-inch beauty is often termed as the “little guitar” due to its similar tuning to a full-sized guitar. The deep sound it produces is favored by jazz players and guitarists who want a smaller instrument. Since the chords are leaning towards guitars, it is harder to fit with traditional ukulele songs and chord books.

Preparatory/Alternative instrument for guitar
Powerful sound
Easy to handle size

Not for beginners
Non-travel friendly


Recent musical variations have given birth to specialty ukuleles like the acoustic-electric. Band players pick this style because of it gives the traditional sound a modern twist. Electronic Ukuleles have a built-in electric signal detector that convert normal sound waves into electronic ones then transmits them to external speakers through internal preamplifiers.

Can compete with amplified band instruments
Two-in-one instrument
High impact instrument

For experienced players

Deciding on which ukulele to buy can be a tough task so here are some key points to consider:

-Soprano ukuleles are compatible kids because of its compact size.

-The Soprano is recommended for newbies due to its affordability and availability.

-The concert uke is a great substitute for the soprano if the user prefers a bigger size.

-A Tenor uke is suggested for lone performances.

-Baritone ukuleles are alternative for guitarists.

-An Electric uke is a great option for performers.

Choosing a ukulele ultimately boils down to preference. Although each one has its own specification, a confident user knows how to exceed people’s expectation.


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Ukulele Basics – 4 Things That You Need To Know

Before you start playing the uke, it’s a very good idea to start understanding the ukulele basics. It can be a very enticing, fun experience and one that will pay off incredibly well. With that in mind, here you have a list of ideas to help you learn how to play the ukulele fast and easy.

How to hold?

If you want to hold the uke, you need to press it gently on your chest and you have to put the index finger of your right hand right where the neck of this uke meets your body. You should avoid strumming near the hole, don’t do that. The uke needs to be placed high on your body, if possible you should try to hold it in the crook of your elbow if you can.

How to tune the ukulele?

This is one of the major ukulele basics that you have to keep in mind. Turn the tuning pegs to change the string pitch. Then make sure you use another instrument as a reference, an online tuner can come in handy. Play the G on your tuner and then adjust the lowest string. Then, tune the highest string to match the second fret on your G string. You will then have to tune the second highest string right until the third fret on that string will match the G string. Lastly, you will have to tune the C string to match the second highest string.

How to strum?

Strumming is not as hard as you might think. You just need to take the pointer finger, point it towards you. Relax it and do not lock it up. Point it to the ground and then point it towards you. This is the basic strumming motion. Once you have this move in place, make sure that you put it on the strings.


Obviously, practice makes perfect and you have to focus on quality and efficiency the best way you can. It will not be easy to get good results, but you should always try to practice the ukulele basics. It will not be easy to do that on your own, but the return on investment can be huge.

So, try to follow all these ideas if you want to make sure that you learn the ukulele basics. It’s a delightful, fun experience that can pay off quite a lot. Just try and give it a shot, you will certainly be very impressed with the results.


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Ukulele Buddy Review – Are Allen’s Lessons Really Effective?

Nowadays not many people open Google and search for “Ukulele Buddy reviews”. However, quite a few people want to learn how to play the ukulele, but they simply don’t know where to start.

If you’re one of those people, who’re trying to find a good educational program for learning ukulele, you found the right spot, as this article will describe a thorough review of the lessons ukulele Buddy.

An overview of the lessons Ukulele Buddy:

Our overview will reveal if Alen’s lessons are the right ones to effectively teach you to play the ukulele. Let us begin!

UkuleleBuddy.com offers learning lessons for ukulele:

This kind of education is extremely suitable for any beginners, as it is taught by an experienced ukulele teacher Allen. He developed a new teaching method, that has been proven all around the world and for which Allen even received a worldwide recognition. His method is extremely effective, simple and easy to use for beginners. It offers slow and dependable learning as it leads you to the maximum success step by step.

Another benefit of these lessons is the fact, that they don’t require monthly payments. A single purchase priced at approx. $67 offers full access to all the lessons. All we need is a computer, smartphone or a tablet. In the event that you wouldn’t be satisfied with the lessons, Allen offers a full refund, which is covered by a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

The lessons UkuleleBuddy are fun, effective and relaxing. The method is designed in a way to always be interesting and won’t lead to quitting as a result of getting bored. The lessons will bring you joy, and you’ll be able to play all of your favorite songs on the ukulele. This is practically our full review of the lessons Ukulele Buddy. Simply told, the lessons are effective and fun. Allen will guide you towards your success and you’ll never run out of the teaching materials.

Learning Ukulele with Allen requires only a few minutes a week, as Allen collected the full specter of information in just one place. Everything is taught in a simple, fun and effective way. You only require around 20 minutes of free time a week to use the program, which is enough to learn to play the ukulele. Even if you’re a beginner without any experience, the program is simple enough to follow it and learn how to play the instrument. Allen’s simple teaching method has touched multiple thousand people around the world.  You, as well, can learn how to play ukulele no matter which kind you own (soprano, baritone,…)

Ukulele Buddy Lessons

Ukulele Buddy Lessons

How YouTuber Jack started learning the instrument, you can check out in the video below. In it, Jack describes his experience with playing this Hawaiian instrument. He explains his experience with the instrument alone and with the lessons UkuleleBuddy:

This was all about our overview of the lessons Ukulele Buddy. If you plan on learning, how to play the ukulele, simply visit Ukulelebuddy.com.

If you don’t own the instrument yet, we suggest you buy a soprano ukulele in the price range of 70-150$. Experts suggest instruments of this kind for any beginners. If you want to learn more information about buying a ukulele, we suggest, that you read our article: http://www.ukulelenoir.com/which-ukulele-to-buy/

The article mentioned above will reveal the methods of how to choose the right model of the instrument.

And this is everything about the instrument Ukulele and lessons for today. We will share more information about playing this super fun instrument later on our blog so don’t forget to follow us. We’ll see each other soon and until then, have fun with playing.

If you have your own experiences and/or opinions about playing ukulele know, that your opinion is always welcome. You can post it by using the comment section below.




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