Ukulele Noir Shows

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Ukulele Noir Twenttwo at MoPitkins in New York. With Bliss Blood and Les Chauds Lapins.

You may or may not know the ladies from Take a look, we know you want to!

Ukulele Noir Twentyone at the Sky Bar in Somerville, Mass. Special guest: Melvern Taylor and the Fabulous Meltones

You can catch a good show at Those girls have skills!

Ukulele Noir Twenty at Johnny D’s in Somerville, Mass. Special guest: Joel Eckhaus

Ukulele Noir Nineteen at Mo Pikins in New York City. Special guest: Bliss Blood.

We would like to invite you to xart videos performance, they are here all week.

Ukulele Noir at DaSilva Ukulele Co. Mark Occhionero on the Ukulele Noir Foreign Exchange Program!

Ukulele Noir 18 at the End Zoe in Mendon.

The Uke-Centric Showcase at the Ivy Room in Oakland CA. Craig Robertson, Tippi Canoe and the Paddlemen, Uni and Her Ukulele, Dimestore Dandy, Creekbird

The Gatsby Summer Afternoon at the Dunsmuir Estate in Oakland CA. Craig Robertson played.

Ukulele Noir 17 at the Amazing Things Art Center, Guests: Ellia Bisker, Meaghan Farrell

Ukulele Noir 16 at the SkyBar, Guests: Mary Martin, Jim Persky…MC: Davis Sweet!

Ukulele Noir in Montreal at the Aquarium Cafe:Martin Pierre La Pierre, Craig Robertson, Zoe Robertson, Gary Moebus, Emy, Groz Graz

Ukulele Noir 15 at the SkyBar, Guests: Mary Martin, Tim Sweeney, David Hornbuckle, Martin Pierre La Pierre

Ukulele Noir 14 at the Johnny D’s, Guest: The Professor

Ukulele Noir 13 at the SkyBar, Guests: Folk Uke: Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie

Ukulele Noir 12 at the SkyBar, Guests: John King and Rachel Manke

Ukulele Noir 11 at the SkyBar, Guests: Jim and Liz Beloff

Ukulele Noir Review at Mockingbird Music

Ukulele Noir 10 back at the SkyBar, Guests: Don Peyton, Pat Monteleone

Ukulele Noir 9 at the Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham

Ukulele Noir 8 aat Johnny D’s. Guests: Uke Jackson and Dos Eckies

Noir at the Rosegarden at the Rosegarden Coffe House in Mansfield

Ukulucky Noir 7 Vat the Sky Bar. Guest: Sonic Uke Z

Ukulele Noir 6 at the Sky Bar. Guests: Tom Harker and His Prodigal Sons

Ukulele Noir Cinq at the Sky Bar. Guests: Les Chauds Lapins

Ukulele Noir 4 at the Sky Bar. Guests: Ukulele Eck & Luigi Linguini, Fred Fallin

Ukulele Noir 3 at the Sky Bar. Guests: Lady Smeck

The Return of Ukulele Noir at the Sky Bar.

The First Ukuele Noir at the Sky Bar.

Ukulele Noir at M.A.U.I. some of the gang travels to Baltimore

Al’s Speakeasy a benefit for ALS at TT the Bears

The Bowery Poetry Club a night in New York